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Luxury handcrafted and hand poured soy candle. With a 70 hour burn time "Our Place" is the promise of heat and long, lazy days; of golden views taken from the refuge of a cool shady verandah and the scent of gumnut blossoms carried on a warm summer breeze. Scented of sun dried hay, gumnut blossom and amber. We choose to stock one brand of handrcrafted candle only - that brand is Southern Wild Co. Try for yourself and find out why. Please note, candles can only be purchased together with flowers

Delivery Information

Our flowers (and other gifts) can be delivered throughout the Sydney city, Sydney metropolitan and outer Sydney region. For full details about delivery please click here.

Flower Care

We hope your get the most enjoyment and life from your flowers as possible. To help you do this there are a number of steps you can take to prolong their time with you. Cutting the stems, keeping them away from direct sun and things like this are important. For more detailed information, please click here.

Seasonality and Substitutions

Please note, our aim is to supply flowers as per the image shown above. As you would expect, they, will be bigger or smaller if a smaller or larger size than what is shown is purchased. Otherwise the flowers, allowing for Mother Nature, should be the same. However, there may be times when specific varieties will be unavailable due to seasonal factors as well as occasions when we deem the quality of the available supply is diminished and not suitable for our clients. Currently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, this is becoming more likely as the supply of specific flowers and varieties is becoming less certain. As such, there will be times when substitute flowers (of equal or greater value) may need to be used. Any substitution will be made in keeping to the design of your selection. In a situation where we feel the look and style of flowers would be too different to your original selection we will contact you to determine how you would like us to proceed.