Coronavirus COVID-19 Message Checkout

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone right now. In our local community, across the country and all over the world. Especially to those who are sick, or who have lost their job or business or are battling to keep everything together. This is a tough time like many of us have never seen or experienced before. In these times we are so very grateful to the medical professionals and others who are at the frontline helping to keep us safe and get us all through.

What about us here at JMF? For now, we've reduced our opening hours to be 7am to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 8am to 4pm Sunday. The hours and indeed our opening at all may change as we follow Australian and NSW Government directives as well as making our own decisions in response to the changing circumstances. At a time when it can be difficult to see one another we are delivering flowers to connect people and brighten their day. When delivering, we have contactless delivery. No signature is required. Our own drivers and those of our courier partners (thank you Sherpa for the delivery example images) will alert the recipient to a delivery, place it down safely and securely and step back and wait for the recipient to confirm receipt. When the recipient is not at the delivery address the flowers will be left safely. When requested, we will arrange delivery times directly with the recipient.

In-store, we are also taking unprecedented steps to protect you and our JMF team. We are only allowing one customer at a time to come inside to select their flowers and/or gifts. If a bouquet is required to be made up we are asking customers to have a seat outside and relax while we put the flowers together. Hand sanitiser is available and being used by our team as well as being at the entrance for customers to use. Further, we are encouraging and recommend card payments.

Many people have asked us what is happening with flowers. Right now, the supply of flowers is still strong. However, the availability of specific varieties is diminishing. For overseas flowers transportation is an issue as is the concern of local importers to not have a market, or the demand, to sell to. Some local growers are finding a dramatic drop in demand makes it difficult to continue. Others are pushing ahead. We’re doing what we can, while we can, to support local growers. There remains an enormous selection of gorgeous blooms available and if you’re a flower lover and are in a position to buy them we'd love you to do just that.

When buying in store or over the phone we’ll talk you through what’s available and what’s really nice. If you’ve selected specific flowers online and we don’t have all available we’ll make a substitution with similar flowers. If we can’t make it similar we’ll be in touch (not the best word to use right now, is it?) to talk through different options. We have removed the Colombian only rose bouquets as the availability of these roses is unclear.

We anticipate updating this page from time to time as the situation changes. We’ll also be communicating via our Instagram page and via our emails to customers in our Flower Addict Club.

For now, I think the two best things we can do are to be nice to one another and to be safe. Let’s get this virus behind us!

Jodie xx