Flower Delivery to St Leonards Checkout

Having flowers delivered to St Leonards will never be easier than if you choose to use Jodie’s award winning service.

Our service range covers the entirety of St Leonards, and – if you choose - we can contact the recipient before the delivery is made to make sure they’re available to receive it. In the event they cannot receive the delivery, we can ask them to give us a safe place to put their flowers until it is convenient for them to pick them up.

For a standard delivery in St Leonards, we charge $15. This may increase marginally depending on how far the delivery address lies from the CBD. We promise that our flowers are always fresh and of the highest standards, no matter where in St Leonards the flower delivery is for.

The florist services we offer also extend to Saturday deliveries and express deliveries. These services do cost extra, but you will know the final price before you place your order.

You’re invited to look through the rest of our site. Any order made before 2 o’clock in the afternoon can be delivered anywhere in Sydney on the same day. Should any further questions arise, drop us a line on (612) 9566 1999, or send an email to flowers@jodies.com.au, where we will be happy to help.