Flowers in Season

When it comes to flowers, we think we know what we’re doing. But when it comes to thinking about all the varieties of flowers that we sell throughout the year and working out when they are available things get a bit tricky.

Sure, you can get lilies and gerberas all year-round. But what about boronia? And blushing bride? And billy buttons? And everything else? When on earth are they in season? Summer? Winter? Autumn? Spring?

Nothing else to do but for all of us to sit around and get a list going. And it’s a big list. In fact it’s a list of 240 flowers! And although we tried, we just couldn’t fill in all the gaps and be sure when all the flowers were available. So, we spoke to some flower growers to help us out. And although they were helpful, we still couldn’t get everything clarified 100%

The reason why? The seasons change. Rainfall goes up and down. Growers sell their farms. Transportation costs increase. Add in the fact that Mother Nature is more artist than accountant and you can see we have a moving target here. So, for now we're still putting the list together of seasonal flowers and we'll update it on line soon(ish).

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