LBGTI Valentine's Day Checkout

We're asking prominent LGBTI Aussies one simple question:

How do you Valentine's Day?

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I'm not much of a Valentine's Day kind of guy and don't usually celebrate it, but hope you have an enjoyable day!

Robert Simms



I often celebrate valentines day with a tweet or email to my local MP to wish them a happy Valentines Day and also remind them that I still can't get married yet :)

Jason Ball



Every year I take time off work to spend Valentine's Day with my gorgeous partner of 8 years, along with our fur baby. 

Kim Leutwyler

'The Boo and Baby Sitges', oil on canvas, 2017



Valentines for my partner and I we try to do something special. Breakfast or dinner depending on our work schedules. This year we are having dinner before going to the theatre to watch a show. Flowers or Chocolates are usually the gift we give.

Glenn Hansen



I am passionate about creating, which is why I love cooking and sharing food with my partner.

Eugyeene Teh



As a single gay man of over 20 years I always celebrate Valentine's Day acknowledging the greatest love of all. Love, acceptance and honouring of self. As every LGBTI person knows, without love of self there can be no profound or intimate love of others.

Anthony Venn-Brown