Lilies represent hope, faith, purity and renewal and it is because of these reasons why they’re most commonly used for weddings, service arrangements, a new birth and anniversaries.

However they are not limited to just these occasions. At Jodie’s, we have Oriental Lilies and because of the pure white colour of its lily flower, they are incredibly versatile and can be practically used for any occasion you like. Choose from a bouquet, vase or floral arrangement and surprise your loved one today.

Don’t forget that we also offer for your convenience a same day delivery service so long as you get your order in by 2pm. Have a browse through our site or if you would prefer to see the lilies in person feel free to drop by our Annandale shop.


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22 Items

Order Lilies from Sydney’s Most Awarded Florist

We’ve been around since 1999 and when we started out the tiger lily was our biggest selling flower. Today there’s a range of lilies that we sell - the oriental lily (or Casablanca lily) and stargazer lily which are available all year round. Then there’s calla lilies, arum lilies and pineapple lilies that are seasonal flowers and not available all year. Which in a lot of ways is a good thing – here at Jodie McGregor Flowers we’re all about seasonality and freshness! And it’s nice to look forward to new seeing all the new seasons flowers – it could get boring with the same flowers being available all the time.

Caring For Your Lilies – And Some Insider Tips

White, pink and lemon oriental lilies are much loved for their strong fragrance, large blooms and long vase life. Typically expect 10 days plus, however, lilies can last as long as 3 weeks. The secrets are to cut a couple of centimetres from the bottom of the stem before putting the flowers in a vase, stripping the foliage (leaves) back so that none sit below the water line, keep away from direct sunlight and change the water regularly – every 3 days would be amazing! Don’t be afraid to cut back your oriental lily flowers as flowers die – you’ll end up with little posies of lilies, extending their lifespan. Some people worry about the stamen on lilies – so here’s my tip to address this. Simply pull the stamen off when they first appear – that way there’s no risk of them falling off and discolouring you or your clothes. If you get the stamen on you or clothing use sticky tape to remove – this works a treat.

Because of their bold blooms, long vase life and delightful fragrance lilies are a popular choice for all occasions. Whether you are sending sorry flowers, graduation flowers, thank you flowers or just because you simply want to send flowers, lilies are a fabulous choice. With their versatility you’ll find lilies cut down short in our flower boxes or kept longer in flower bouquets. Of course we have options of candles, vases, wine, champagne and more in our gift extra’s range if you’d like to take your flower delivery to the next level.

You will find ordering flowers online with Jodie McGregor Flowers an easy and simple process. But we understand sometimes you just want to talk through your order or get some more information. If that’s the case you can contact us right here – we love talking to our customers!

Once you’ve made your selection you can place an order online for flower delivery all over Sydney and the outer suburbs – think Engadine to the south, Palm Beach to the north, Penrith to the west and Watson’s Bay to the east. Or, you may want to select pick-up – yes, we’re a bricks and mortar store too – we’ve been here in Annandale since 1999 proudly located on historic Johnston Street. We’re certainly not a backyard operator or hidden away in an industrial zone where you can’t see, smell and touch the flowers.