Australia’s native flowers are quintessentially unique and extremely diverse, and that is something that we here at Jodie’s are very much proud of.

We have an incredibly vast range of Australian wild flowers and they are truly a beautiful sight to behold. From Banksias to Gymea Lilies, to Waratahs to Kangaroo Paws, to Christmas Bells to Flowering Gums – we have it all. Australia’s unique flora sets it apart from every other country and because of that reason, we have a crazy amount of Australian flowers available for you to purchase. The specific varieties available change with the seasons but you can be sure that we’ll always have an amazing assortment of Australian native flowers.

Don’t forget that we also offer a same day delivery service so long as you get your order in by 2pm. Have a browse through our site today and support Jodie McGregor, your local Aussie florist.

Native Flowers

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3 Items

Order Native Australian Flowers From Sydney’s Favourite Florist

At Jodie McGregor Flowers we’ve been championing the use of native flowers and more specifically native Australian flowers since we opened our doors way back in the last century. Well only just as it was 1999. But just the same, we’ve always loved kangaroo paw, banksias, eucalyptus, dollar gum, paper daisies and much more. Today, native flowers are super popular and deservedly so. But be careful, because with their reputation as a long lasting flower you can often find native flowers that are way past their best put together as a native flower bouquet at the local servo or convenience store. Be careful here and check for freshness. Instead of these a much better option is to order or drop in and buy a bunch of a single variety of native Australian flowers that are fresh and will last from your local flower merchant. The price will be similar and you’ll be picking up quality.

We Deliver Native Flowers In Sydney

When you order a native flower bouquet filled with native Australian flowers you need to have confidence that they will be delivered in a timely manner. You can rely on Jodie McGregor Flowers for your flower delivery Sydney wide. We’ve had a relationship with Bonds Couriers since 1999 who remain to this day a family run business and are a big part of our delivery operation. Plus we utilise the services of Sherpa one of those new tech start-ups looking to improve the way goods are delivered. And of course we have a number of our own drivers delivering flowers in Sydney so they arrive at their best. That number may be small (2) but we wouldn’t trade our drivers for the world. You’ll even find Jodie, Stu and the team of florists delivering flowers – sometimes when the pressure is on it’s all hands on deck to deliver beautiful blooms.

Native Australian Flowers For All Occasions

There was a time when we’d really only ever see a native flower bouquet sent to men as a gift. It was almost a fallback position – if sending flowers in Sydney to a man it had to be natives. But today, native flowers are sent for all occasions. Whether for thank you flowers, Valentine’s Day flowers, birthday flowers or just because, native flowers make a wonderful gift. And at Jodie McGregor Flowers we source native Australian flowers from select growers at the Sydney flower markets who save the very best in natives for us. Add to this special deliveries we receive direct from growers who deliver native flowers directly to us and you can see why we are thrilled with our native flower range.

Don’t Forget To Join Our Flower Addicts Club – Established in 1999

Opening our doors in 1999 Jodie was hopeful of selling a bunch of flowers on day one. We weren’t the only florist Sydney had to offer but we were determined to be the best florist in Sydney. But it was hard to believe we’d sell out of flowers on that first day and it meant we had to head back to the Sydney flower markets the following day to restock the blooms. And so it’s been ever since.

But what Jodie really noticed was how people kept coming back again. So she started offering a cheeky little bunch for free when people kept coming back. And that was the beginning of our Flower Addicts Club. Members get exclusive offers such as our weekly flower special and accumulate points that can be used for free or discounted flowers in the future. Joining is simple – when you order flower delivery Sydney online you can automatically sign up or here’s the link to our newsletter to sign up online. Otherwise you can sign up when in-store or ordering flowers over the phone for flowers in Sydney – either for delivery or pick up. And don’t forget the other great thing about the Flower Addicts Club – every week there’s a draw to win flowers worth $100. Just purchase flowers the week before and you’re in the draw to win!

Native Flowers Make a Popular Wedding Flowers Choice

Wedding flowers don’t have to be about roses, peonies and tulips. Some of our favourite native flowers for weddings are blushing bride (now that makes sense doesn’t it?), billy buttons, eucalyptus and flowering gum, flannel flower and the list just keeps on coming. Of course we can help with your wedding flowers too – just click here for our wedding flowers guide. And given what a stressful time a wedding can be have a look at what people say about us – if this doesn’t fill you with confidence nothing will!