Long regarded as a luxurious status symbol, orchids are beautifully delicate and highly desirable. They often represent things like beauty, love and extravagance which is why they are THE flower for romantic events, events like weddings, anniversaries and perhaps even that first date.

At Jodie’s, we have a crazy number of Orchids – we just can’t seem to get enough of these stunningly gorgeous Orchid flowers with their amazing symmetry and their unique shape!  All are available for varying methods of presentation, be it a vase, bouquet or floral arrangement and all are also able to be mixed with other dazzling flowers.

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8 Items

Order Orchids Online – It’s Easy and They’re Sure To Be Loved

One of the great things about orchids is all the various types of orchids available. There’s bound to be something for everyone. Vibrant vanda orchids appear in a number of our bouquets as do they oh so delicate but surprisingly long lasting dancing lady orchids. Red spider orchids are another favourite of ours and in the Verdant bouquet we team these with cymbidium orchids, a seasonal favourite. We had better not forget Singapore orchids either dyed blue orchids are gaining popularity but the natural colours still work for us – blush pink, burgundy and white being our favourites.

Orchids – A Fantastic Option as a Plant

Phalaenopsis orchids in bouquets and arrangements as a cut bloom are gorgeous and last really well but are also fantastic as a gift for someone who loves a plant. Phalaenopsis orchids are available as a plant, gift wrapped to give you orchids in pots all year round. We also have cymbidium plants in the winter months and if these are not displaying online please call us on 9566 1999 to check availability.

Nature – Celebrate All the Colours of the Rainbow With Orchids

Have you ever stopped and thought about how amazing nature is? Just thinking about the varieties of orchids available is enough but added to this the colours and you’ll have to agree nature is the best. Orange and hot pink vanda orchids, yellow oncidium or dancing lady orchids, red spider orchids, cerise, white and burgundy Phalaenopsis orchids. Plus white or dyed blue Singapore orchids and cymbidium orchids in every colour you could ask for – from lime green through to chocolate brown. Truly, there is a colour for everyone in orchids.

Orchids – One of the Longer Lasting Flower Blooms

Orchids are beautiful but are also a surprisingly long lasting flower. Vanda orchids, spider orchids, Singapore orchids and dancing lady orchids generally last 5 to 7 days, sometimes longer. For cymbidium and Phalaenopsis orchids you can expect two weeks plus! When you look at how elegant and dainty they are, who would have thought?!

Love Orchids? Buy Orchids Online for Delivery Sydney and all over Sydney and Suburbs

Orchid bouquets and orchid arrangements are some of our most popular year round floral choices. From our flower bouquets range Vivid is a popular choice and Colourfully Elegant and Coral Garden are best sellers from the flower boxes selection. For a special occasion to really impress Gorgeously Elegant in our Premium Range is an inspired choice.

Forgot to Order Birthday Flowers? Or Anniversary Flowers? We Can Help With a Last Minute Delivery!

We understand life can be hectic and things can get left to the last minute. You can order online for flowers to be delivered all over Sydney same day up to 2pm. Even better and if it truly is last minute we can even arrange for flowers to be delivered same day up until 6pm! You can order online and follow up with a phone call to be safe – we’ll need to pull out all stops to get this flower delivery organised.