With its classically elegant and simple appearance, tulips are an incredibly versatile flower perfect for any occasion.

Whether congratulations are in order, or it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a wedding, a service arrangement or a birthday you need to get to, tulips are the go to flower for every event.

At Jodie’s, we have a crazy amount of freshly picked tulips on offer and all are available to be presented in a number of ways, be it in a vase, bouquet or floral arrangement. We can also mix and match tulips across other flowers in our spectacular range and put together something unique and bespoke for your loved one.

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Order Tulips For Flower Delivery Sydney Wide

We’ve been in our postage stamp sized flower shop since 1999. At first people started buying flowers for themselves. But not long after people wanted to deliver flowers in Sydney and we were delivering flowers all over the place. Mostly it was flowers delivered to the CBD and flower delivery innerwest. You know, delivery to Annandale, flowers delivered to Balmain and that sort of thing. Today flowers are delivered north to Palm Beach, west past Parramatta and to Penrith. To the east flowers are delivered to Bondi and Watsons Bay and then we deliver flowers to Cronulla on the coast and Campbelltown inland and south. As you can see, things have changed and you can order flowers online Sydney for delivery all over. Plus, you can order up to 6pm same day for delivery that day!

Tulips Are The Flower For All Occasions

Tulips are at their very best in the cooler months. And in Sydney that means April through to September. That’s when it’s like a tulips festival and the tulips flower in all colours. We love pink tulips, white tulips, yellow tulips, orange tulips and purple tulips. The most popular though? Red tulips! And we love them too.

As they come in so many colours and are a favourite flower of so many people, tulips are the perfect choice for all occasions. White tulips for wedding flowers, a glorious mix of different coloured tulips for new baby flowers or what about a stunning bouquet filled with tulips of your partner’s favourite colour for birthday flowers?

Flower Care For Tulips and a Fun Tulip Fact

At Jodie McGregor Flowers we’re passionate about all things flowers. But at the top of the list is making sure that our customers and people who receive flowers from our customers get the very best lifespan from their flowers. So we provide floral preserver, care instructions and of course only sell fresh flowers and pride ourselves on having the freshest flowers in Sydney. But with tulips there is something that we don’t want you to do that you do with most flowers. That is, don’t add floral preserver. Because you see, what this does to tulips is actually to encourage them to open quicker and therefore reduce their lifespan. So no floral preserver for tulips. What you do want to do though is buy them fresh ie. Not when they are all open and coloured, cut the stems 2cm from the bottom before placing in water, place in a space out of direct sunlight and a draft and change the water and recut the stems every two days. Doing this will make your tulips last as long as possible.

And what about a tulip fun fact? Well, they will actually grow in the vase. Just watch – if your tulips are with other flowers you will see that they shoot up above (or will at least get higher against) other flowers. Or, if you have just tulips have a look where they sit at night and then come back the next day and you will notice your tulips in a vase are sitting higher. They may be cut flowers but they’ll still grow. You’ve just got to love your tulips when they can do that!

Wedding Flowers in Sydney – Jodie McGregor Flowers and Tulips

Of course white tulips are popular for wedding flowers but something that might surprise is that purple tulips and a purple variant, the gorgeous Queen of the Night tulip are also very popular for weddings. The other favourite would be parrot tulips or even frilled tulips – absolute favourites of ours at Jodie McGregor Flowers.

You do need to be careful when thinking of tulips for wedding flowers when in the warmer months – they can blow quite quickly then if out of water. Also, not always the ideal flower for a Sunday wedding especially when it’s warmer – that’s an extra day from grower to when your wedding flowers are being used. We love weddings and have done a squillion of them. In fact, we’re the preferred florist at venues such as Quay and Bennelong, Gunners Barracks and Sergeants Mess so you can count on us. To see more about weddings with us head across to our Weddings page here.

A Tulip Gift Voucher?

Of course we are an online florist Sydney (and for all areas all over Sydney you can count on us, we will never, ever have someone else make and deliver flowers on our behalf). And today many of our customers order their flower delivery Sydney exclusively online. However, before the internet people would drop by and choose their own flowers from our little shop in Annandale that’s overflowing with flowers. And for some people that is the way they like to buy flowers. They can come in and look at and smell the flowers before choosing what they’d like. Maybe you’re not sure the sort of flowers a friend would like? Or you know they love our store and would like to come in themselves? If this is the case maybe a flower gift voucher is right for them? Here’s where you can get one.