What are your opening hours?

We open from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. And on Sunday from 8am to 4pm. You can order online up until 4pm for same day delivery. 

As a general rule, we close on public holidays but do open on occasions, typically Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. Please call first on 02 9566 1999 to see if we are open on these days to save disappointment.

At times your shop is filled with flowers but at other times the selection isn’t so full. Why is this?

We only ever sell flowers if they are fresh and full of life. This means that there will be times when we won’t have a shop that is overflowing with flowers as we are about to restock with lovely fresh blooms and foliages the next day.

Whilst we receive flowers direct from a number of growers throughout the week, we always refill the shop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with flowers purchased from wholesalers and growers. As such, these days and Saturdays are the days when the shop will be overflowing with flowers.

You can still expect a good selection (and most importantly fresh flowers) on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, however, it’s less likely to be as comprehensive as on the essential market days. Having said that, we often find ourselves at the market on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday – just not all the time. We suggest calling us beforehand if there is a special flower that you really must have – we’ll do our best to obtain it for you.

How do I get a job at Jodie McGregor Flowers?

We’re always looking for fabulous, experienced florists. Simply get in touch with Stu on 0411 234 516 or at [email protected]. We also at times have work experience opportunities for students studying floristry – please contact Stu for more information.

Why do the prices of the flowers vary from time to time?

Just like fruit and vegetables and seafoods and meats, the prices of flowers varies due to the seasons and supply and demand. Generally, we will then adjust our prices to reflect this. Sometimes it will result in us buying less of the flower if it has gone up to a level which we don’t feel represents value and we will just stock a small amount in the event that someone really loves that flower. Conversely, where there is plenty of a particular flower we may purchase a significant amount and offer it as a flower addict special. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the availability and prices of flowers, reducing the availability and increasing the price. 

I'm interested in having flowers delivered to my home or workplace on a regular basis. What’s involved?

It’s easy. We’ll talk about the look you’re after, the amount you are wanting to spend (prices start from $150 including GST and delivery) and when the best time to deliver or install the flowers is. We’ll set you up with an account, take your credit card details for security and start delivering gorgeous blooms to you. Watch how much happier you become when having a regular supply of flowers. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

How do I get my wedding flowers underway?

SORRY, BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING WEDDING FLOWER SERVICES. That’s easy. Fill in the appointment form here. We’ll be in touch to arrange a good time to meet. Appointments are held during the week and on Saturdays and typically we have one face to face meeting and then finalise all the details two weeks prior to your wedding. To secure us as your wedding florist involves a payment of a $500 deposit.

Wedding flowers seem more expensive. Why is this so?

Until this is explained people sometimes think that wedding flowers are over-priced. However, wedding flowers are more expensive as more flowers are used and more time is spent on them. There is time spent liaising with the church and reception venue, the bride and mother-of-the-bride, or wedding planner and also with the flower growers. In order to ensure that the flowers are the very best, more are purchased than for an everyday bouquet and wastage is significantly more. Honest engines, we really don’t make a killing on weddings. In fact, we always feel we don’t charge enough for the time involved.

How do I make my flowers last longer?

There are some simple ways to ensure that you get the most life from your flowers. Always cut the stems before you put them in water and keep the leaves above the water level by stripping them back at the base.

The water should be changed when it starts to look unclean, say every 2-3 days, and flower food added to most flowers although some, such as tulips and gerberas, do not benefit from the addition of food. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and sing to them each day (well, they’ll feel loved won’t they) and you will be on the way to keeping your flowers fresh.

For more information, please see our flower care page.