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Tulips have a long season (crossing autumn, winter and spring) but are especially fabulous over the winter. We deliver tulips all over Sydney and typically send them out when they are in bud and just about to bloom. Interestingly, tulips will grow in the water - with not only the flower bloom growing in size, but the height of the tulip flower growing taller as well. For many flower lovers, tulips are a favourite (if not the favourite) choice.

We may be biased (we’re florists after all) but whether it be to celebrate, congratulate, commiserate or cheer someone up - tulips are the perfect choice. Our tulip flowers in Sydney come in pink, white, yellow, orange, purple, and red and can be delivered across the city - whether you’re in the Inner West, Sydney CBD, lower north shore, or the eastern suburbs.

Tulip Fields
Tulip Fields
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Jodie's Choice
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Same Day Delivery of Tulip Flowers in Sydney

Tulips are at their very best in the cooler months - in Sydney that means May through to August. At the peak of the season we'll often have a range of what we like to call ‘fancy tulips’ available - these can include frilled, double, parrot tulips and more. These are often found in Jodie's Choice, which is where Jodie herself will select and present seasonal flowers only available at certain times of the year.

When choosing Jodie's Choice, there's the option to include a note to the florist and if there's something specific you're wanting in tulips, this is where to add it!

Whether in a mixed bouquet or as a bunch of tulips, we can get your flowers delivered on the same day, when ordered before 1pm.

Caring for Your Tulip Flowers

At Jodie McGregor Flowers, we’re passionate about all things flowers. But at the top of the list is making sure that our customers and people who receive deliveries get the very best lifespan from their flowers.

With tulips, there is something that we don’t want you to do that you do with most flowers. That is, don’t add floral preserver to tulips because it actually encourages them to open quicker and therefore reduces their lifespan! It’s important that they are purchased when fresh, not when they are all open and coloured, cut the stems 2cm from the bottom before placing in water, position the vase in a space out of direct sunlight and a draft and change the water and recut the stems every two days.

Doing this will make your tulips last as long as possible. In fact, they will actually grow in the vase. Just watch – if your tulips are with other flowers you will see that they shoot up above (or will at least get higher against) other flowers. Or, if you have just tulips have a look where they sit at night and then come back the next day and you will notice your tulips in a vase are sitting higher. They may be cut flowers but they’ll still grow.