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Glenorie Roses. True, real, local garden roses. These roses are as close to freshly garden picked from the farm as you can get. The rose grower leaves them to open on the plant as you see here and then picks them like this. They are open but super fresh and hold well. Whenever we get these and place them on the table on the footpath out the front to prepare them for sale (yes, we painstakingly strip each and every rose of thorns for you) all we hear is "oohs" and "aahs" and "they're gorgeous, please take them to my place!" *Note, 50 stems is indicative, depending on the pick, expect between 45-55, generally it's 50 though.

That's the impression they convey. It's what they do to people. Just reminds people of another time. They're not perfect and there can be some blemishes but that's ok, that's actually what does make them perfect. They're real, old-fashioned and just how roses are meant to be. We say 50 stems but there may be a few more or a few less.

Note that these are only available to pre-order and not for same-day orders. Please call us on 612 9566 1999 with any questions.

Seasonality and Substitutions

Please note, our aim is to supply flowers as per the image shown above. As you would expect, they, will be bigger or smaller if a smaller or larger size than what is shown is purchased. Otherwise the flowers, allowing for Mother Nature, should be the same. However, there may be times when specific varieties will be unavailable due to seasonal factors as well as occasions when we deem the quality of the available supply is diminished and not suitable for our clients. Since the COVID-19 pandemic this has become more common as the regular supply and availability of specific flowers and varieties has become less certain. As such, there will be times when substitute flowers (of equal or greater value) may need to be used. Any substitution will be made in keeping to the design of your selection. In a situation where we feel the look and style of flowers would be too different to your original selection we will contact you to determine how you would like us to proceed.

Delivery Information

Our flowers (and other gifts) can be delivered throughout the Sydney city, Sydney metropolitan and outer Sydney region. For full details about delivery please click here.



“Hi Grace, Thank you so much for organising the arrangement and delivery so quickly, especially with such short notice. They were beautiful, and much larger than we expected. Kind Regards”


“Hi Alice, Hope you're keeping dry today! I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the gorgeous floral arrangements you created for Eva's Communion last Sunday. They looked amazing and were so very pretty!! There was much praise from many of our guests and of course I let them all know where the gorgeous creations came from....thanks again!”


“I was searching for a flower shop that delivers in Sydney and your website was the best. Especially, it was so easy to see the volume and size of the flowers because the pictures were compared to a person. Thank you!”

Flower Care

We hope your get the most enjoyment and life from your flowers as possible. To help you do this there are a number of steps you can take to prolong their time with you. Cutting the stems, keeping them away from direct sun and things like this are important. For more detailed information, please click here.